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Sri Lanka Property Investment

sri-lanka-property-investmentSri Lanka has been growing at a rapid pace with revenue arriving from tourism, services and exports. Lots of companies are thriving in their businesses initiated in this nation. When considering living, Sri Lanka is positioned as the ideal destination with its natural resources, heritage sites, culture, governmental and weather facets. People can find high quality traditional and modern medical treatments, superior cuisines, garments, entertainment, shopping and transportation on par with developing countries.

Investing in Sri Lanka properties is a good strategic move that will provide maximum value in the long-run. Properties in Sri Lanka are in great demand and depending on the location and purpose, can be sold or rented at higher value. Investing in selected Sri Lanka real estate properties could generate a higher interest, which could produce revenue over initial and recurring maintenance costs. We at Privelth will acquire properties on behalf of our investors and develop it to be rented or sold at a higher value afterwards. Investors will be the sole owners of the properties they invested in and could enjoy their returns with total peace of mind.


sri-lanka-real-estate-investmentMany foreigners are currently showing greater interest in the potential real estate growth in urban and suburb areas of Sri Lanka. There are numerous properties in the capital, hill country, down-south and northern areas of this island for real estate investment opportunities. Mega luxury apartments and star-class hotels have built their properties in this country after being attracted by the probable opportunities for growth. We could assist real estate investors to buy apartments, bare lands, old colonial houses and villas for lower sums and enhance their value via development/renovation and promotion for a better ROI.

Sri Lankan law does not allow foreigners to buy lands, but they are allowed to purchase apartments on or above the 4th floor. This is done so that foreigners will not be having 100% ownership of lands. Nevertheless the cost of possessing lands via a 99 year lease is comparatively cost-effective compared to the prior practice of owning freehold land under 100% tax.