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Privelth assists clients who seek to invest in the real estate industry of Sri Lanka to identify and prudently invest their time and money in properties or linked initiatives that can reap higher return on investment.

In other words we help clients to purchase their dream homes and landlords to rent their properties in Sri Lanka at the best possible value that matches their expectations.

Also if you are offering your house or land for sale in Sri Lanka, we will swiftly find the ideal buyer for your property in a hassle-free manner.
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As a real estate brokerage company in Sri Lanka that offers a comprehensive service, Privelth focuses on the marketing, development and management of real estate properties in Sri Lanka.Continue »

We offer our clients the opportunity to choose from a vast range of properties available for rent or sale in Sri Lanka. There are various properties matching different expectations and budgets.

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Privelth is an upcoming player in the housing and real estate development sector trusted by many to build properties that are well designed, strongly built and environmentally friendly.Continue »

We carry-out all our activities connected to the clients in a transparent method. We communicate and advise our clients in a continuous, accurate and proper legal manner without setbacks.

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We offer guidance to investors willing to prudently invest in Sri Lanka properties for higher returns in the long run. We help to buy or rent properties at best rates and generate greater value.Continue »

We possess a wide range of properties located amongst some of the prominent areas in Sri Lanka. We can provide properties for sale & rent in top urban and suburb locations to choose from.

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